I can say unequivocally that Judy is an outstanding consultant and I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with her on projects over many years. She is dedicated, thorough and committed to high quality work at all times. She excels at the skills we must bring to all projects including attention to deadlines, report preparation, timely and sensitive client communication, and delivery of solid and practical client advice. She is a very organized individual, enabling her to juggle the many intellectual, communication, travel and logistical demands of multiple international projects without difficulty. Moreover, her work is very much values based. Her passion about work with developing countries and with the challenges the planet faces is a direct reflection of these values.
David M Russell, Former Managing Director, KPMG Consulting and Partner, The ARA Consulting Group


I think we were lucky to have your expertise in our project. I believe we received high quality deliverables from your assignments. Your solid expertise in marketing, your knowledge about Palestine and the Holy Land, and your inclusive approach were of great importance to make this project a success.
Mohammad Qasem Taweel, Tourism Program Manager, DAI Consulting for USAID-Compete Project Palestine


Judy is an expert in experiential tourism. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, developing practical sustainable tourism solutions for tourism MSME’s in the Caribbean.
Althea Heron, Senior Director, MTE


Judy, you have an ability to provide practical ‘real-world’ solutions.  Your extensive tourism experience and knowledge especially as it relates to community based tourism were extremely helpful in developing a product of value. It is a testimony to the quality of your work that the National Community Tourism Policy and Strategy you drafted is being used to guide development of community tourism in Jamaica.  You were great to work with, participatory, humble, adaptable, technically competent, punctual with deliverables and practical.
Stephannie Hutchinson, (former) Project Manager Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Project, Jamaica Social Investment Fund


I have worked with Judy in Belize on the Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites Project under the auspices of the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) when she was a consultant to the project. Even before she got to Belize for the project her reputation had preceded her as many of my BTB colleagues had remarked that we were lucky to obtain the services of such a highly valued consultant. And Judy did not disappoint. She delivered a high quality product for us in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to work with her again.
Geraldo Flowers, Ph.D. Policy Coordinator, MTBCASS


Judy is a pro. Her many years as a consultant (and a business woman/travel agent) give her a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of tourism, experience in many parts of the world and with many different types of projects, and a particular passion for sustainable, community-based and indigenous tourism. She is thorough, punctual, knowledgeable and fair minded, as well as a great networker and a valued colleague.
Martha Honey, Executive Director, Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)


I think you did a fabulous job on the Aboriginal tourism situation review.  [It] is very comprehensive and you have put forth some sound and meaningful conclusions…and overall, it is one of the best deliverables that I have received since working at TBC.
Krista Morten, Manager, Policy, Tourism British Columbia


Ms Karwacki was a great resource for our team at the Squamish Lilwat Cultural Centre during the five+ years development phase. I would recommend her to anyone to assist in the formation and carrying out of your due diligence on any tourism related project! Judy has continued to assist our Centre in looking at the operations and suggesting improvement which shows me that when she buys in to a project she continues to help in any way she can!
Chief Gibby Jacob, Squamish Nation, North Vancouver, Canada


Working with Judy on the Belize artisan development project was a great learning experience for me. Her knowledge and vision regarding the contemporary tourism industry were wonderful assets to the design of the training programs for our project. Although it was focused on Handcraft Product Development and Marketing, Judy gave the artisans a wider vision of the experiential tourism potential of their services and products. Her deep understanding of Belize and the region combined with outstanding experience in planning were very important for project completion and success.
Daniela Viscarra S., Handcraft Design and Business Specialist, Okara Consulting, Bolivia (Craft Specialist for Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites Project 2013-2014, Belize)