Small Planet is a consulting and marketing firm dedicated to Connecting Community, Culture, Conservation and Commerce through Sustainable Tourism.  Judy Karwacki is the founder and owner of Small Planet.

Small Planet is inspired by the holistic approach to sustainability of TheLongRunInitiative. We have joined other organizations to become a The Long Run Supporter, sharing share The Long Run’s drive to sustainability that embodies conservation, community, culture and commerce (the 4Cs). Our logo represents the ‘4Cs’ and how Small Planet connects and balances them for sustainable tourism development.


Sustainable tourism is about meeting and understanding the people and places of a place. It is about making that place better for people to live in and for visitors to visit. We focus on tourism development that supports community goals and healthy communities.


A strong local culture is a mark of a healthy community, and a vibrant culture is a magnet for tourists. We promote sustainable tourism that helps communities celebrate and revitalize their culture.


Around the world, local communities and indigenous people are the guardians of our ecosystems. We work closely with local and indigenous entities, respecting their values and approaches to resource stewardship.


The cultural and natural heritages of communities are the centerpieces of their economic development. We work strategically with community, public and private partners to develop sustainable tourism enterprises based on respect for nature and culture.




I think we were lucky to have your expertise in our project. I believe we received high quality deliverables from your assignments. Your solid expertise in marketing, your knowledge about Palestine and the Holy Land, and your inclusive approach were of great importance to make this project a success.
Mohammad Qasem Taweel, Tourism Program Manager, DAI Consulting for USAID-Compete Project Palestine
Judy is an expert in experiential tourism. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing, developing practical sustainable tourism solutions for tourism MSME’s in the Caribbean.

Althea Heron, Senior Director, MTE
I think you did a fabulous job on the Aboriginal tourism situation review.  [It] is very comprehensive and you have put forth some sound and meaningful conclusions…and overall, it is one of the best deliverables that I have received since working at TBC.
Krista Morten, Manager, Policy, Tourism British Columbia
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